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Smok Vapors Pen – Features and Great things about THIS ORIGINAL E-Liquids Pen

Smok Vapors Pen – Features and Great things about THIS ORIGINAL E-Liquids Pen

So after reading a number of reviews I managed to learn just what the Smok Pen is all about. My first impression was that it was just another cheap electronic pen, no that at all. I QUICKLY saw it on TV and I thought “Hang on a second this is no different to all the other pens”. So off I visited test it out and boy was I impressed!

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So let’s start with the construction and Smok vaporizer pen reviews, the construction on the Smok pen is quite solid. Your body of the pen is made out of strong metal and the cap is very firm and reliable. So in saying that the body is pretty solid, the Vaping Cap (which houses the energy source) is built into the body so you don’t have for an extra cap to be bought. Alternatively the cap could be removed very easily from the pen meaning you can carry it around with you if you wish. The other nice feature may be the built in battery, which should give you around four hours usage on a complete charge.

Then we arrived at the battery life of the Smok pen, the battery life isn’t too bad, for the common user it should give you around four to five hours of solid use on a complete charge. In my tests it lasted me around five hours on average, which is excellent. The Smok Vapors Pen includes a built in battery meter that may tell you at any time how much battery power of the pen has remained, it also includes a LED screen which when flashing gives you a very good notion of how close you are to discharge the battery. I found this very useful, particularly when using the Vaping Cap. There exists a very audible click when the battery is nearly fully discharged, it reminds you to properly remove the battery and try again. Other features include an electronic pulse button and an awesome down mode.

An extremely nice feature of the Smok Vapors Pen is that it is rechargeable. You can to put it simply in the USB charging cable and it’ll quickly charge to a completely functional state. To top it off you can also use the USB power adaptor with the pen, this adds another great benefit. That feature also enables you to charge your cell phone whilst you are employing the pen. Another benefit is the ability to use the pen anywhere you like, whilst driving, because the Smok device is truly portable. If you are thinking about buying one you truly can’t go wrong with the Smok Vapors Pen.

Although the design of the Smok Vapors Pen is pretty cool, the best part is that all happens with just one single simple adapter. So essentially you have all you need in one neat package. Why is the Smok Vapors Pen this type of great buy is that the vaporizer/refill system allows you to refill your device whenever it gets low on power, and without having to carry around yet another charger. Element Vape Coupon This is one among many fantastic aspects of this phenomenal pen. The only problem you may encounter with the Vapors Pen may be the fact that it generally does not have a built in battery charger, but this can easily be fixed by investing in a replacement from the manufacturer.

One of many reasons why the Smok Vapors Pen is indeed popular with both vapers and non-vapers alike may be the awesome battery life, it offers you. If you don’t work with a lot of vaporizers then you should consider purchasing the Smok Vapors Pen. It’ll give you up to a full day of use, and since it is just a lot smaller than other pens it’ll save a great deal of space too. Among the finest parts about this is that you can use it at any time no matter where you are, as long as you have an electric outlet available to you.

Another awesome feature of the Smok Vapors Pen is you could completely customize it to your personal preferences. You can either obtain the coil covered or it is possible to choose to not have any coil cover at all. If you want to use the non-coil version you then also have that choice aswell. Both options provide you with the capability to use your pen as the ultimate personal vaporizer, customizing it to your tastes and needs.

The Smok Vapors Pen is truly a remarkable device. The unique design eliminates most problems associated with airflow, and with this type of compact design it makes it ideal for carrying around wherever you might go. It’s battery and rechargeable capabilities allow it to be used anywhere you go anytime. unique pen which you can use at home or in the office, the shop vapouriser pen definitely fits that bill and more.

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